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"Your deviation New Moon - Jane was reported for Art theft (General). The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, deleting the deviation and marking the report as Resolved. "

And the same thing happened to most of my Twilight art.
I didn't have rights to use Dakota Fannings (or other stars) pictures.

I think "Jane" had almost 40,000 hits, hundreds of fav's and lots and lots of comments.

I just wanna thank you all for appreciating my work, it was great whike it lasted.

I doubt that I will do Twilight reladed art anymore.
3000 pageviews, awesome! :thanks:

Thank you everybody, you're great!  :heart:
2,500  Pageviews o/

Thank you all! :heart:
A lot has happened.

We got married ( , we moved into new a apartment, (… ) I survived  Ropecon, and we got two lovely rats (… ).

Except for those, I have nothing new to report. :D
Today I'm one year older than yesterday.

1,000  Pageviews! :dance:
Thank you everybody! :heart: :hug: